The Captains are the leaders of their team. They can be onboard or just coordinate. They are all heroes in the country they represent, legendary sailors who can inspire the younger generations and the athletes that join the team. The Captains choose five of ten sailors, the other five are coming from the SSL Ranking, making the Captains selection even more strategic as they have to take in consideration different aspects, like experience on big boats, strength, weight, and much more


Teva Plichart is the captain of SSL Team Tahiti. After racing the Hobbie Cat in Tahiti, Teva joined Match-Racing France’s Youth team. He then raced with Paolo Cian winning European Championship. In 2007, he skipped « Tahiti Tourisme » reaching Tour de France à la Voile’s 2nd place. He renewed the result 10 years later with « Trésors de Tahiti ». From 2016 until 2019, he sailed on Yliam Comptoir Immobilier winning the famous 2019 Bol d’Or in the D35 category. He continues to race with the same team on TF35.



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